Yvette Carnell

breaking-brown-bill-o-reilly-out-at-fox-news-what-that-means-for-us-4-19 1:27:46

Breaking Brown: Bill O'Reilly Out at Fox News...

3 days ago     3,283 Views    
why-the-system-needs-luvvie-obama-and-issa-rae-to-go-mainstream 50:11

Why the System Needs Luvvie, Obama and Issa R...

6 days ago     101 Views    
yvette-carnell-at-new-black-fest-panel-sustainability-in-the-trump-era 1:39:32

Yvette Carnell at New Black Fest Panel: Susta...

1 week ago     57 Views    
y-all-roasted-ben-carson-but-obama-thinks-we-are-immigrants-too-quick-hit-3-07 16:36

Y'all Roasted Ben Carson, but Obama Thinks We...

1 month ago     1,374 Views    
chance-the-democratic-operative 15:09

Chance the Democratic Operative?

1 month ago     51 Views    
how-obama-personally-torpedoed-keith-ellison-for-dnc-chair-2-27 1:44:40

How Obama Personally Torpedoed Keith Ellison ...

1 month ago     19,169 Views    
trump-may-sign-executive-order-to-help-hbcus-why-couldn-t-obama-2-06 1:42:26

Trump May Sign Executive Order to Help HBCUs....

2 months ago     22,468 Views    
why-are-black-people-even-talking-about-sanctuary-cities-1-27 11:49

Why are Black People Even Talking About Sanct...

2 months ago     19,266 Views    
mlk-and-yvette-trying-to-put-money-into-black-people-s-pockets-1-16 1:44:36

MLK and Yvette, Trying to Put Money into Blac...

3 months ago     8,969 Views    
rep-john-lewis-is-starting-a-fight-that-he-expects-the-black-community-to-finish 13:39

Rep. John Lewis Is Starting a Fight That He E...

3 months ago     42,354 Views    
donald-trump-just-went-off-during-his-press-conference 16:03

Donald Trump Just Went OFF During His Press C...

3 months ago     15,505 Views    
listening-to-cnn-got-me-banned-from-facebook-1-10 1:50:54

Listening to CNN got me banned from Facebook ...

3 months ago     4,342 Views    
missing-wealth-transfers-in-black-life-1-04 1:47:42

Missing Wealth Transfers in Black Life 1/04

3 months ago     2,401 Views    
black-people-often-stand-in-the-way-of-reparations-1-02 2:03:23

Black People Often Stand in the Way of Repara...

3 months ago     7,805 Views    
do-s-and-don-ts-for-the-african-american-community-in-2017 2:00:35

Do's and Don'ts for the African-American comm...

3 months ago     8,097 Views    
is-defending-obama-our-job-12-26 1:54:21

Is Defending Obama Our Job? 12/26

3 months ago     7,796 Views    
was-obama-the-first-african-american-president-or-a-political-poser 1:10:10

Was Obama the First African-American Presiden...

3 months ago     8,024 Views    
michelle-obama-and-oprah-are-both-products-of-big-government-and-black-political-activism 08:35

Michelle Obama and Oprah Are Both Products of...

3 months ago     4,163 Views    
open-mic-night-12-21 1:50:25

Open Mic Night 12/21

4 months ago     7,231 Views    
is-farrakhan-right-can-african-americans-go-back-to-africa-12-20 1:54:39

Is Farrakhan Right? Can African Americans Go ...

4 months ago     14,154 Views    


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