Fraser Cain

q-best-place-for-a-mass-driver-and-more 18:21

Q: Best Place For a Mass Driver and More...

1 day ago     10 Views    
do-i-believe-in-ufos 09:42

Do I Believe in UFOs?

4 days ago     94 Views    
chemicals-for-life-found-on-enceladus 07:14

Chemicals for Life Found on Enceladus

1 week ago     86 Views    
q-a-planet-inside-a-star-and-more 19:59

Q: A Planet Inside a Star and More...

1 week ago     94 Views    
spacex-just-reused-a-rocket-why-this-changes-everything 10:34

SpaceX Just Reused a Rocket. Why This Changes...

1 week ago     70 Views    
what-about-a-mission-to-titan 09:37

What About a Mission to Titan?

4 weeks ago     71 Views    
join-fraser-and-dr-paul-matt-sutter-in-iceland-february-2018 02:22

Join Fraser and Dr. Paul Matt Sutter in Icela...

4 weeks ago     14 Views    
why-doesn-t-earth-have-rings 08:27

Why Doesn’t Earth Have Rings?

1 month ago     91 Views    
q-what-s-a-type-iv-civilization-and-more 18:20

Q: What's a Type IV Civilization and More...

1 month ago     59 Views    
what-s-on-the-surface-of-venus 13:08

What’s on the Surface of Venus?

1 month ago     132 Views    
q-why-doesn-t-the-earth-implode-and-more 21:15

Q: Why Doesn't the Earth Implode and More...

1 month ago     91 Views    
open-space-live-qa-and-premiere-of-our-newest-episode-on-cassini 57:03

Open Space - Live QA and Premiere of our Newe...

1 month ago     441 Views    
what-did-cassini-teach-us 10:53

What Did Cassini Teach Us?

1 month ago     106 Views    
seven-new-earth-sized-worlds-discovered 07:53

Seven New Earth Sized Worlds Discovered?

1 month ago     12,202 Views    
weekly-space-hangout-feb-17-2017-samuel-mason-of-the-tesla-science-foundation 1:09:58

Weekly Space Hangout - Feb 17, 2017: Samuel M...

2 months ago     1,012 Views    
weekly-space-hangout-feb-10-2017-weekend-eclipse-occultation-and-comet-45p 1:00:45

Weekly Space Hangout - Feb 10, 2017: Weekend...

2 months ago     2,727 Views    
can-we-launch-nuclear-waste-into-the-sun 09:51

Can We Launch Nuclear Waste Into the Sun?

2 months ago     1,805 Views    
weekly-space-hangout-feb-3-2017-dr-meredith-rawls-the-lsst 59:10

Weekly Space Hangout - Feb 3, 2017: Dr. Mered...

2 months ago     1,925 Views    
q-where-could-we-hide-from-an-asteroid-strike-and-more 17:42

Q: Where Could We Hide From an Asteroid Strik...

2 months ago     4,831 Views    
weekly-space-hangout-jan-27-2017-kimberly-cartier-exoplanet-wasp-103b 1:02:16

Weekly Space Hangout - Jan 27, 2017: Kimberly...

2 months ago     1,246 Views    


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