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you-won-t-believe-how-fast-the-ice-is-flowing-down-this-river 00:35

You won't believe how fast the ice is flowing...

16 hours ago     9 Views    
a-spring-saturday-morning-surprise-for-these-parts-of-canada 00:51

A spring Saturday morning surprise for these ...

16 hours ago     4 Views    
5-simple-and-easy-things-you-can-do-to-help-save-the-earth 01:26

5 simple and easy things you can do to help s...

1 day ago     0 Views    
shelf-cloud-terrifies-locals-on-canadian-border-see-it 00:35

Shelf cloud terrifies locals on Canadian bord...

1 day ago     0 Views    
menacing-wall-cloud-makes-its-way-across-detroit-river-see-it 00:42

Menacing wall cloud makes its way across Detr...

2 days ago     2 Views    
must-see-views-of-canada-s-most-famous-iceberg-right-now 01:27

Must-see views of Canada's most famous iceber...

2 days ago     6 Views    
dramatic-horse-rescue-takes-place-on-ice-covered-canadian-pond 00:52

DRAMATIC horse rescue takes place on ice-cove...

3 days ago     2 Views    
dog-surfing-takes-gnarly-spill-tries-to-get-back-on 00:25

Dog surfing takes gnarly spill, tries to get ...

3 days ago     1 Views    
spiders-are-good-here-s-why-you-shouldn-t-be-afraid-to-let-them-in 01:23

Spiders are GOOD, here's why you shouldn't be...

4 days ago     1 Views    
survey-at-least-90-of-people-in-vancouver-own-one-of-these 01:09

SURVEY: At least 90% of people in Vancouver o...

5 days ago     2 Views    
red-and-black-bugs-all-over-house-what-are-they-how-to-get-rid-of-them 01:18

Red and black bugs all over house, what are t...

5 days ago     4 Views    
fort-mcmurray-fighting-fire-with-fire-to-start-spring-season 00:46

Fort McMurray fighting fire with fire to star...

5 days ago     1 Views    
possible-meteorite-streaks-across-gold-coast-skyline-see-it 00:27

Possible meteorite streaks across Gold Coast ...

5 days ago     4 Views    
strange-trees-turn-red-behind-ontario-homes-during-sunrise 00:39

STRANGE: Trees turn red behind Ontario homes ...

1 week ago     9 Views    
massive-iceberg-spotted-off-the-coast-of-newfoundland 00:47

Massive iceberg spotted off the coast of Newf...

1 week ago     3 Views    
trump-government-may-be-way-off-on-paris-climate-agreement-promises-of-course 01:42

Trump government may be WAY off on Paris Clim...

1 week ago     1 Views    
landslide-caught-on-camera-swallows-road-and-everything-else 00:59

Landslide caught on camera, swallows road and...

1 week ago     1 Views    
family-rescued-while-dangling-from-20-foot-reservoir-dam 00:34

Family rescued while dangling from 20-foot re...

1 week ago     2 Views    
woman-films-electrically-charged-friends-in-backyard-flood-waters 00:35

Woman films electrically charged friends in b...

1 week ago     7 Views    
woman-and-baby-saved-out-of-flood-waters-in-texas 00:38

Woman and baby saved out of flood waters in T...

1 week ago     1 Views    


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