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cnn-panel-hits-tom-perez-for-his-rhetoric-turning-people-off 04:16

CNN Panel Hits Tom Perez for His Rhetoric Tur...

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nikki-haley-china-s-been-a-great-friend-to-us-on-north-korea 01:28

Nikki Haley: China's been a 'great friend' to...

8 hours ago     10 Views    
sanders-the-democratic-party-model-is-failing 01:44

Sanders: The Democratic Party model is failing

1 day ago     13 Views    
sanders-democrats-should-prioritize-economic-over-social-issues 01:55

Sanders: Democrats should prioritize economic...

1 day ago     9 Views    
sec-kelly-trump-will-face-nuclear-armed-korea-by-end-of-first-term 01:42

Sec. Kelly: Trump Will Face Nuclear Armed Kor...

1 day ago     13 Views    
dhs-sec-kelly-thinks-trump-will-be-insistent-on-border-wall-funding-mulvaney-not-sure 01:11

DHS Sec Kelly thinks Trump will be 'insistent...

1 day ago     12 Views    
the-resistance-talks-dirty-supercuts-463 00:57

The Resistance Talks Dirty | SUPERcuts! #463

3 days ago     13 Views    
palestinian-authority-official-terrorists-who-murder-americans-are-victims 02:44

Palestinian Authority official: Terrorists wh...

3 days ago     5 Views    
jon-ossoff-dodges-on-whether-he-would-vote-for-nancy-pelosi-as-house-leader 01:45

Jon Ossoff dodges on whether he would vote fo...

4 days ago     10 Views    
jon-ossoff-hero-to-zero-supercuts-462 01:18

Jon Ossoff: Hero to Zero | SUPERcuts! #462

4 days ago     12 Views    
cnn-panel-laughs-at-democratic-party-disunity-sanders-refusing-to-call-himself-a-democrat 01:33

CNN panel laughs at Democratic Party disunity...

4 days ago     10 Views    
chuck-grassley-drops-hint-at-retirement-of-supreme-court-justice 02:22

Chuck Grassley drops hint at retirement of Su...

4 days ago     22 Views    
elizabeth-warren-isn-t-doing-much-to-dispel-rumors-about-running-for-president-supercuts-461 01:35

Elizabeth Warren Isn't Doing Much to Dispel R...

5 days ago     8 Views    
maxine-waters-calls-for-trump-s-impeachment-supercuts-460 01:22

Maxine Waters Calls For Trump's Impeachment |...

5 days ago     19 Views    
spicer-nbc-reporter-have-testy-exchange-over-georgia-congressional-race-it-s-a-loss 02:34

Spicer, NBC reporter have testy exchange over...

5 days ago     17 Views    
cnn-panel-gushes-that-ossoff-sounds-like-obama 03:13

CNN Panel Gushes That Ossoff Sounds Like Obama

5 days ago     8 Views    
perez-dems-allowed-basic-party-infrastructure-to-atrophy 01:12

Perez: Dems Allowed Basic Party Infrastructur...

5 days ago     15 Views    
msnbc-democrats-grumbling-about-how-jon-ossoff-blew-millions-of-campaign-dollars-on-tv-ads 01:07

MSNBC: Democrats grumbling about how Jon Osso...

5 days ago     16 Views    
kredo-discusses-latest-on-u-s-policy-toward-north-korea 08:33

Kredo discusses latest on U.S. policy toward ...

5 days ago     5 Views    
democrats-have-a-new-hero-and-his-name-is-jon-ossoff-supercuts-459 01:09

Democrats Have a New Hero. And His Name is Jo...

6 days ago     18 Views    


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