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morning-routines-of-highly-successful-people 01:49

Morning routines of highly successful people

12 hours ago     78 Views    
5-dinosaur-eggs-were-just-discovered-at-a-construction-site-in-china 00:56

5 dinosaur eggs were just discovered at a con...

18 hours ago     88 Views    
there-s-an-island-in-japan-that-s-overrun-with-hundreds-of-adorable-bunny-rabbits 01:01

There's an island in Japan that's overrun wit...

1 day ago     48 Views    
watches-worn-by-the-most-powerful-ceos-in-the-world 01:49

Watches worn by the most powerful CEOs in the...

1 day ago     72 Views    
5-military-phrases-that-don-t-mean-what-you-think 01:04

5 military phrases that don't mean what you t...

1 day ago     67 Views    
your-supermarket-apples-may-be-10-months-old 01:37

Your supermarket apples may be 10 months old

1 day ago     31 Views    
how-to-protect-your-phone-data-at-the-us-border 02:30

How to protect your phone data at the US border

1 day ago     51 Views    
the-bottom-line-with-henry-blodget-episode-3 24:32

The Bottom Line with Henry Blodget - Episode 3

1 day ago     4 Views    
this-is-what-a-400k-ford-looks-like 01:31

This is what a $400K Ford looks like

2 days ago     113 Views    
ashton-kutcher-explains-why-he-initially-passed-on-investing-in-uber 01:37

Ashton Kutcher explains why he initially pass...

2 days ago     105 Views    
watch-the-navy-s-locust-launcher-fire-a-swarm-of-drones 01:31

Watch the Navy's LOCUST launcher fire a swarm...

2 days ago     82 Views    
here-s-why-marijuana-gives-you-the-munchies 01:56

Here's why marijuana gives you the munchies

2 days ago     59 Views    
the-reason-you-re-not-supposed-to-use-the-bottom-button-on-suits-and-waistcoats 01:31

The reason you're not supposed to use the bot...

3 days ago     106 Views    
how-to-tell-someone-s-lying-to-you-just-by-watching-their-face 01:22

How to tell someone's lying to you just by wa...

3 days ago     93 Views    
english-rule-about-adjectives-we-all-follow-but-were-never-taught 01:31

English rule about adjectives we all follow b...

3 days ago     53 Views    
these-dog-breeds-are-most-likely-to-run-away-from-home 01:31

These dog breeds are most likely to run away ...

3 days ago     60 Views    
we-got-our-hands-on-starbucks-crazy-new-unicorn-frappuccino 00:50

We got our hands on Starbucks' crazy, new Uni...

3 days ago     67 Views    
why-there-are-mysterious-giant-arrows-across-the-us 01:37

Why there are mysterious giant arrows across ...

4 days ago     138 Views    
it-ll-cost-you-nearly-nothing-to-open-a-chick-fil-a-but-there-s-a-catch 01:02

It'll cost you nearly nothing to open a Chick...

4 days ago     102 Views    
watch-the-king-of-jordan-participate-in-a-military-exercise-with-his-armed-forces 01:04

Watch the King of Jordan participate in a mil...

4 days ago     70 Views    


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