Julien Solomita

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we got nominated for 2 awards 483
peach's first time at daycare 489
family trip to the vet 417

family trip to the vet

2017-01-15 02:31
my weird physical therapy 539

my weird physical therapy

2017-01-13 03:36
the plan fell through 568

the plan fell through

2017-01-11 14:00
vegan chicken & waffle sliders 357
i'm keeping the blond 372

i'm keeping the blond

2017-01-06 14:30
finally, our new couch 666

finally, our new couch

2017-01-05 14:00
blond 421


2017-01-04 14:00
the last vlog of 2016 247

the last vlog of 2016

2016-12-25 14:00
the naughty escape artist 476

the naughty escape artist

2016-12-24 22:13
our house now has a hole in it 544
she's losing weight 524

she's losing weight

2016-12-22 04:13
life happened. no vlog 239

life happened. no vlog

2016-12-21 08:49
update on the dogs 437

update on the dogs

2016-12-20 10:20
the styrofoam fight 629

the styrofoam fight

2016-12-18 02:34
celebrating the right way 571

celebrating the right way

2016-12-16 21:01


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